Work and Travel: Life on the Road

Planning and thinking ahead while running your business from the road. I surprised myself by my own lack of planning while recently working in Lisbon.  Yes, it was a new location, but I thought my computer bag was packed with everything I needed! It’s a little different when you are “on the road”.  There are... Continue Reading →

Learning about life in Lisbon

I am thrilled to have been able to spend three productive weeks in Lisbon which included a weekend away in Porto. But, I have to admit that it has taken me some time to adjust to being back home.  Probably because I am missing some of the aspects of European city life  - I live... Continue Reading →

Coworking on the move!

On the train to Porto on a Sunday morning and looking forward to my first visit to this city that I have heard so much about.  My first week working in Lisbon has certainly been successful as we toured the city and worked from different spaces.  During our May retreat I have discovered that shared... Continue Reading →

While in Lisbon: Coffee, slow morning start – why not!

Let's start the morning slowly. Why, because there is no rush if most of your clients are not working on the same time zone as you are. Photo by on This is what I will be looking forward to next week when I arrive in Lisbon for my #coworking retreat with other nomadic... Continue Reading →

What is your biggest distraction in your home office?

Coworking space in Lisbon, Portugal How long have you been working from home?  I’m trying to think back to when I called my space at home my office and had no commitments to travel for work.  It has been a few years, and I know that there are times when I need the motivation to... Continue Reading →

There’s always October!

Hello fellow travellers!It's been an exciting start to February as the plans for Lisbon have started falling into place.  I have decided to stay on a little longer so if there is anyone who would like to connect with us while we are in Lisbon, I would love to show you around.  I have done a... Continue Reading →

10 Reasons to Join Me in Lisbon in May

I'll be heading to Lisbon in May and no more than 8 other fabulous women will be joining me for a coworking experience in this vibrant city.  Here are 10 reasons to join me: 1.  It's one of a kind: Cheerful, calm, and vibrant, Lisbon is a capital like no other. The city has a lot... Continue Reading →

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