10 Reasons to Join Me in Lisbon in May

I'll be heading to Lisbon in May and no more than 8 other fabulous women will be joining me for a coworking experience in this vibrant city.  Here are 10 reasons to join me: 1.  It's one of a kind: Cheerful, calm, and vibrant, Lisbon is a capital like no other. The city has a lot... Continue Reading →

Is Lisbon on your bucket list this year?

https://youtu.be/Wk3dJF7o66Y Q & A for our upcoming Lisbon adventure

I’m moving my office to Lisbon!

I did that last year, and yes it was only for two weeks, but the experience was so impactful, joyful and inspiring in this vibrant city that I decided while I was there that I would return the following year and invite others to join me for a unique coworking retreat. Two weeks might not... Continue Reading →

The journey begins – is this for me?

Thanks for joining me! When someone invites you to join them on a retreat for two weeks in Lisbon, what are the first questions that come to mind? Earlier this year, I joined a group of adventurous women in Lisbon excited at the prospect of being able to return to this city and look at... Continue Reading →

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