Work and Travel: Life on the Road

Planning and thinking ahead while running your business from the road.

I surprised myself by my own lack of planning while recently working in Lisbon.  Yes, it was a new location, but I thought my computer bag was packed with everything I needed!

It’s a little different when you are “on the road”.  There are things we just take for granted in our home office. And there are conveniences that I have to admit that I miss, like my dual screens. It takes me awhile to adjust to my laptop size screen and having to keep multiple tabs open.

I was excited as we were going to be working from a different coworking space in Lisbon. Google maps did a great job of finding our spot and we were impressed with the layout. There are two large desks in the middle of an open plan styled area. Large french doors open out onto the street scene below and the kitchen offers a communal spot to take a break. There are plenty of places nearby to grab lunch and we returned to relax in the kitchen space. To my frustration I discovered that I had left most of my chargers at the apartment and I knew I had a good few hours of work ahead of me.  I managed by borrowing a cable and charger! Now I could blame that on working after hours; what is happening to my life work balance? Unpacking my computer to work at home the night before and then forgetting to put everything back in the bag – is no-one else’s fault, but my own! I now use a checklist on my phone before heading out to coworking spaces. My checklist includes some of the basics:

  • Water bottle
  • Glasses, a few pairs!
  • At least two pens
  • Charger for my phone and computer.
  • Journal, which doubles as my notebook and contains my plans for the day (Focus Planner from Michael Hyatt)
  • Headset – love my Bose
  • Travel power converter
  • Travel plug adapter
  • Phone and computer – I travel with 2 phones,one for my Portuguese SIM card and another connected to Google Fi

There are certainly projects that we can plan weeks ahead of a trip to automate and still leave space for the “in the moment” ideas.

Do you record podcasts? Can you batch a few of those together ahead of time and complete editing and promotion while on the road.

Schedule your social media marketing. Start with one platform – baby steps for success. This month I focused on my Instagram account.  Using Planoly, I have uploaded all my images, placed them in a time slot and paused the automation. I can return to add the text when I am in a creative mood, attach my hashtags and schedule. 

What goals would you like to accomplish while working and traveling to find your sweet spot?  Try to batch similar things together that allow for your best productivity, minimize the distractions, decide which time of day is best for you to focus on a particular project and get it done. Now you’ll have time to explore your location and be a tourist without feeling guilty that you still have an unfinished project calling you back.

Do you have a business partner that works in a different city? Have you thought of inviting your business partner to join you on my “getaway”? It could be the perfect opportunity to work together in person

Deadline for your application is August 15th  and I am offering a payment plan – let’s chat now if you’re seriously thinking about taking your business “on the road” to Lisbon!

Find all the details at my website

To travel adventures,

P.S.Do you want to take your work with you, experience Lisbon like a local, and connect with a community of like-minded women? Join my weekly newsletter right here!

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