Learning about life in Lisbon

I am thrilled to have been able to spend three productive weeks in Lisbon which included a weekend away in Porto. But, I have to admit that it has taken me some time to adjust to being back home.  Probably because I am missing some of the aspects of European city life  – I live 40 minutes from a large city and I’m out in the country. No coffee shops, wonderful restaurants or inspiring coworking spaces in walking distance, that’s for sure.

There is a certain ease to getting around Lisbon, and as I was told by a local, everything is within a 25-minute walk 🙂 Plus when you are walking you are exploring and able to enjoy so much more of your surroundings.  This trip I felt more confident using public transport, with the help of Google maps telling me which bus to catch and at what time it would arrive. I must admit I did sneak in a few Uber rides along the way.

What did I learn from my trip?

  • Working in coworking space on my own is just fine, but if I am working together with the group it will be easier to spend some of our time in a meeting/boardroom space to collaborate and then use the open desk space for a few hours afterward. By the way, I have found a perfect place to work from!
  • It all about the neighbourhoods.  We stayed in a few different areas and one sleepless lesson I learned is not to stay in Bica during the Saint Antonia festivities. We were there BEFORE the Festival of the Sardines, and the clue was our stairway happened to be dressed for the celebrations – and celebrate they did, until the early hours of the morning.
  • Getting around Lisbon? It is really easy, even though there are some steep hills to navigate.  I highly recommend the Lisbon Card for public transport.
  • There certainly ARE other delicious pastries beside Pasteis de Nata.  But you’d have to visit to find out.
  • Take time to slow down to experience the wonderful views of this historic city by stopping at the miradouros (viewpoints) – many wonderful choices.
  • Take a relaxing, quick ferry ride to the other side of the Tagus River, and explore this unique neighbourhood with hardly a tourist in site. We stayed in Almada for a few nights and it was certainly no big deal catching the ferry into Lisbon to get to our coworking space.
  • Join in a free walking tour to give you a condensed history lesson and give you a good sense of where you are and you might want to return to see these places again on your own.
  • Sail the Tagus River at sunset. Relaxing and a unique way to experience Lisbon from the water.

Exciting news for our next retreat!  After some valuable feedback from a few of the different business groups that I participate in, I have changed the dates to ONE WEEK.  Starting Saturday, October 12th we will meet in Lisbon and get settled into our Airbnb accommodation.  On Sunday we will gather for BRUNCH and get to know each other and on Monday morning we will be heading to our coworking space in Chiado.

Our focus for this retreat will be finding a life and work balance while traveling so that you can quickly adjust to being in Lisbon, feel like you are able to stay productive with your projects and keep your clients happy AND have plenty of time to enjoy the European “slow down and absorb” lifestyle.

I would love to hear back from you if you are even just thinking about joining us – what obstacles are in the way of making this happen for YOU?

Send me an email at travellikealocaltoday@gmail.com and let me know

Thanks for reading and please do share with others who might like to join us.

To travel adventures, 

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