Coworking on the move!

On the train to Porto on a Sunday morning and looking forward to my first visit to this city that I have heard so much about.  My first week working in Lisbon has certainly been successful as we toured the city and worked from different spaces.  During our May retreat I have discovered that shared desk spaces might not be the best solution for our clients.  I believe that having access to boardroom space would be the answer as it will allow us to participate in discussions, presentations and some learning skills like Portuguese lessons from a delightful local language teacher.

I have had an awkward reminder to follow my own travel tips.  Our day trip to explore Setubal and Sesimbra was delayed due to me not doing the #1 tip – take a photo of my passport and have it on my phone.  Picking up the car rental from Enterprise was simple, until I realized that I had not brought my passport along for the ride! Fortunately I had purchased a Vodafone sim card earlier in the week for my second phone, and I was able to access my Dropbox documents. 😊

On that note, taking my phone into a Vodafone store was the simplest way to take care of setting my phone up correctly as it was all taken care of by a very helpful consultant.  I will need to return once to a Vodafone store to top it up and after that I’ll be able to top up online or a kiosk

This past week I was a little indulgent in with my Uber rides but next week I’ll be using public transport more frequently now that I have my Viva Viagem card for the metro, buses and the ferry.   Once you purchase a transport card you can zap it with additional funds at the station.  Do remember to swipe it BEFORE getting onto the train, otherwise it involves getting off, swiping and waiting for the next train – cost us 20 minutes out of our trip to Cascais for lunch yesterday!

Why has it been a successful week?  After visiting four different options for coworking space I was able to find one that certainly worked well for our needs. The coffee shop scenario is not really a viable option for me, as there was often nowhere to plug in for power and with the mini heatwave that passed through it was hot and uncomfortable.   As our group is small this trip, the open desk sharing space in a lovely French apartment styled space with lots of natural light, a few people, comfortable kitchen and a central location is working well, but I do think the boardroom space will be a better option in October. 

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