Learning Portuguese

I promised myself last year after my trips to Portugal that I would make a concerted effort to start learning the language. Here I am, almost 6 months later looking for new resources. Anyone else been there?

Is it about finding the right application that works for your own learning style? So today I started my research again. I have had Babbel on my phone, but that is Brazilian Portuguese and I really do not need to stall my learning curve. So off to a fresh start!

Maybe it’s easier when you’re surrounded by others speaking the language – or maybe not. I found that following conversations in the past were difficult with absolutely no vocabulary to draw on. Yes, there are a few words that sound similar in Spanish, and even in my mother tongue, English. I am in a #twitterchat for #marketing with a Portuguese girl, but need to hit the translate button to follow her posts.

So for now I am going to start with a fun, short series on YouTube – only 13 short videos for the basics.

My next step is learning more about the Michel Thomas method – it tells me I need to relax and learn – does that mean doing yoga at the same time.

And my third step is to subscribe to the podcast with European – Practice Portuguese!

With 8 weeks to go to at least learn some basic conversational Portuguese I am starting today! I’d love to hear which apps have made learning a new language a breeze for you.

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