I’m moving my office to Lisbon!

I did that last year, and yes it was only for two weeks, but the experience was so impactful, joyful and inspiring in this vibrant city that I decided while I was there that I would return the following year and invite others to join me for a unique coworking retreat.

Two weeks might not seem long enough to really experience living in a new country, but it certainly can give one a taste of what that could be like.  Travelling on my own is not my perfect choice, but I do enjoy the solitude and adventure when I set out on my own to explore and make my own decisions on what to see or where to go. At the same time, I appreciate having a community to connect with during my stay and being able to invite others to share some of my experiences.

On my last coworking trip to Lisbon, our hosts had booked our “office” space at a brand new location on the Tagus River. I thoroughly enjoyed starting my day with a cup of coffee in our local neighbourhood,  Campo de Ourique, before venturing down to LACS with my computer to start my day in the “office”.  Freedom to decide how many hours I wanted to work each day and what adventure or new discovery I would have each day.  This innovative collaborative space offers stunning views from the rooftop bar and restaurant.  It is a brand new coworking space offering plenty of desk space to layout my computer, notebooks and chargers (more on what to bring with you in my next post).  I did decide to rent locker space so that I could leave my “office” behind and explore Lisbon for a few hours before returning to work in the early evening.  On occasion when I needed to have Zoom face to face meetings with my clients, I was able to reserve private meeting space for an hour at a time.  All the ladies in our group were working on their own schedule, but if we were in the coworking space together we would grab lunch and share ideas on things to do and see.  Not everyone wanted to participate in the same activities, but the opportunities were presented and shared on our Slack channel and you could decide which ones to join.

I love horses and wanted to visit the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, which is only a short Uber ride away in Belem. We were fortunate that there were still a few morning training sessions available along with a tour of the stables before the season ended. I shared the details with our group and many actually decided to join me.  It was certainly a treat to see these beautiful, well cared for horses perform the higher school movements with their talented riders while listening to classical music.

On another occasion I decided that I wanted to experience wine tasting that was not too touristy. I found a small group who were meeting in a local park through an Airbnb experience. The host of the group was from Germany who explained the tasting of wine in a professional, knowledgeable way.  We had a wonderful evening wine tasting an exquisite selection of white & red wines in the park and learning about the many wine regions.

While exploring on my own, catching the tram, including tram #28,  or using Uber (which I did frequently) I am happy to say that I felt comfortable and safe.  This was an important aspect for me of being able to enjoy travelling on my own.

I hope this gives you a glimpse into what two weeks in Lisbon could look like for you!  We will be arranging your accommodation and coworking space along with offering a trip to Porto for 2 nights for those that wish to explore further north.  There will be a plan for each day of the week and all the activities will of course be optional, and could include a vision board session, a few lessons in basic Portuguese, a brainstorming session within our own small group of ladies and an opportunity for each to share a presentation on a passion or an experience with the group. Are you passionate about public speaking and you would love to give a presentation with some key ideas on how to polish our speaking voice?  Maybe you are a talented photographer and you could spend an hour teaching us a few awesome tips.  Wine connoisseur – I’ll let you organize the wine tasting this time 😊

Time is running out to decide, we will have our early bird sign up available until the end of January so fill out the application form online at www.travellikealocal.today so we can get to know a little more about you and if our group would be the right fit for you.

To travel adventures,


Photo credit: Instagram @kirstencleggphotography

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