The journey begins – is this for me?

Thanks for joining me! When someone invites you to join them on a retreat for two weeks in Lisbon, what are the first questions that come to mind?

Earlier this year, I joined a group of adventurous women in Lisbon excited at the prospect of being able to return to this city and look at it through different eyes.  Two months prior our family spent two weeks exploring the city and were able to include both the countryside and the ocean in our travels, thrilled to find little villages and gorgeous stretches of white sandy beaches so close to Lisbon.  Now I was back, but on my own and ready to meet up with my new group who I really did not know, although we had a few group chats on Zoom discussing what we could expect on our trip.

It definitely helped my confidence knowing that I was part of this “new” community, and I was so excited to explore Lisbon independently and thrilled at the sense of joy I felt stepping out from our apartment which I was sharing with one other, to head out on my own, ready to explore the local streets of our neighbourhood, Campo de Orique.

My solo excursions included working from a coffee shop on the square, returning to the park in the evening for an ice cold beer, surrounded by locals, young and old alike just enjoying being out in the community.  Eating alone doesn’t feel quite so awkward in Lisbon, and I had Mercado de Campo de Ourique, a hip urban market for gourmet food, a few blocks away.  My favourite local restaurant was definitely Bota Sol.

So much more I could share of how wonderful this experience was, but I would like to invite you to join me as I return in May 2019.

If you visit our web page you will find these questions to ask yourself:

  • do you love embracing life in different locations,
  • have you been wanting to try the “nomadic” lifestyle, but are still a home-based business owner,
  • a desire to grow personally while travelling independently, exploring and gaining your inner confidence,
  • like to have the opportunity to network with other people,
  • do not want to travel completely alone,
  • wanting to have the experience of living like a local,  let it be part of your day.
  • does the thought of sitting in the local park or enjoying an outside coffee shop, using the local transport, shopping at local markets, exploring coworking space, attending Meet Ups and network events, yoga classes or painting classes, taking photographs, inspire you to take the next step?

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

2018-03-23 14.26.37

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